“You don’t get a second chance for a first impression.” says Margaret
Kimura, the founder of IMS. Margaret knows and understands what is trending and how to create a marketing plan for new talent. IMS utilizes Margaret’s experience as a leading visionary to create an innovative strategy for emerging talent and models.

As a hopeful model or actor, do you often feel insecure and fearful, knowing you need to build your confidence?

IMS understands the frustration new talent often deal with. The horrible feelings after rejection, harsh criticism and judgment. The constant fear you go through when getting into this business can be daunting and not to mention unkind. IMS will work with new talent undoing doubts from the past and creating a new confident leader, ready for a successful career.

IMS will help evaluate new faces and consult them in the best path possible for their careers. If you are interested in approaching your career with a well rounded strategy, IMS can create the best plan for you.

“Visual Presentation is key…”

Modeling has many levels of preparation. Of course the visual presentation is key, IMS will consult you on what needs to be worked on prior to marketing. IMS will prepare your entry level portfolio using the best makeup, hair and photographer team in order to give you the proper look and appearance of a high quality level model.

“We can send you out to agents, scouts, casting and auditions.”

IMS discovers new talent, helps prepare you and point you in the right direction. Once you are ready for market, IMS can represent you prior to you getting permanent representation.  IMS can send you out for castings and auditions in Hollywood.

IMS will submit your images to agents and scouts who are located globally. These top agencies and scouts represent all of the major markets including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, Korea, China and other prominent regions.

In an constant effort to reach our global clientele with greater ease, IMS has maximize on the influence of the Internet and Social Networking Media, to assist and promote our new talent in their constant track to become the new expression of tomorrow.

“Many of the models discovered have become Super-Models”

IMS was developed by Margaret Kimura, a globally renown Celebrity Masters Makeup Artist and Photographer.  Margaret launched her career as an “A-list” innovator working with top modeling agency’s in Milan Italy, New York and LA. Margaret was known for having one the best eyes for discovering talent, for developing careers, and for launching some of the most successful and recognized talents in the industry. Through the years Margaret has built many strong contacts and relationships throughout the world. Many of the models she discovered have become super models.  The same models that have graced the pages of Vogue, Bazaar and GQ Magazine, as well as huge designer campaigns like: Hugo Boss and Gucci…just to name a few.