IMS discovers New Talent, prepares them and points them in the right direction.  Once the talent is ready for market, IMS can represent fashion and commercial models and actors prior to them getting permanent representation.

Do you often feel insecure and fearful? Do have the look but need to build up your confidence?

IMS understands the frustration models and new faces often deal with.  The horrible feelings of rejection, and judgments that often come with harsh criticism.  The constant fearful feeling models and actors go through when getting into this business can be daunting and not to mention unkind.

  • IMS can help you create a proper plan for your career that increases your chance for your success!
  • IMS can help you develop your look to best represent you to clients and agents!
  • IMS can teach you about your look, your best and worst features and angles!
  • IMS can help you build a fantastic portfolio that not only makes you look fantastic but gets you work!
  • IMS can help you build the confidence you need to book every job!
  • IMS will help evaluate new faces and consult them in the best way possible.
  • IMS can help point you in the right direction.